01.1: Webinar series to compliment the 'START HERE' videos

Going deeper into the logic of the psyche

Please watch the 'START HERE: Introduction to the three principles paradigm' videos before viewing this series

This four part webinar creates a momentum of continued learning from the 'Logic of the Psyche' event ( 'START HERE' videos). With lots of participant interactions and more clarity on specific parts of the three principles paradigm with questions and answers.

Topics Include

Q and A around the three principles paradigm

Free will

100% constant of life


The principle of mind


Physical health

Understanding the thought created nature of life

Living life with more ease

These webinars have been edited down to the most pertinent points and are each one hour long. Recorded in August 2017 with Ann Ross and Rudi Kennard

Your Instructor

Ann and Rudi
Ann and Rudi

Rudi Kennard came across the understanding in 2003 and now develops facilitators and practitioners of the understanding, he has given courses internationally to numerous populations from corporate executives to school children.

Ann Ross is an international facilitator and was very well known within the field of energy modalities. Ann has literally trained thousands of people all over the world and now supports practitioners and facilitators of this understanding.

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