05. Advanced Course in the single paradigm of human experience

With the pioneers Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe

This training would be more appropriate for people who have already watched the introductory and the intermediate courses.

This 4 day training creates precision and clarity on the nature of how the human experience is generated in the moment and what practical implications that for our lives.

Over 500 minutes of professionally filmed footage taken from a four day training with Dr Keith Blevens, virtually with Valda Monroe and co-presented with Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson.

Filmed in 2017 this physical training was enormously transformational to the attendees and we are pleased to offer the edited and filmed recordings in 26 parts. Keith, valid, Rudi and Jenny share this practically profound understanding with clarity, authenticity and simplicity, going into great depth about the nature of the human experience via the single paradigm.

Topics Include

The simplicity of the 100% nature of human experience

Implications of a paradigmatic logic

Explaining 'inside out' and 'outside in'

A 'true' psychology

The illusion of three paradigms

Implications to a logic

The diagram and it's use as a teaching point

Sharing the understanding with others

This training is professionally filmed in HD from three camera angles with professional audio and editing. It offers a very rich and well presented training to anyone wishing to get insight around the three principles taught as a paradigm.

Your Instructor

Keith, Valda, Rudi and Jenny
Keith, Valda, Rudi and Jenny

Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe are the pioneers of the three principles 'taught as a paradigm' and have been around the understanding of the three principles for 35 years, after having a close friendship with the originator Sydney Banks.

Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson came across the understanding 13 years ago and now train facilitators in the three principles paradigm. They also trained with the originator Sydney Banks and have had the honour of working in numerous settings in over a dozen countries from jails and schools to sharing with disaster victims and corporate executives.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
If you are an on-line training subscriber you have access to the course for as long as you are subscribed. If you have purchased this course you have lifetime access.

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