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A Helpful guide for facilitator/coaches: View recorded one to one sessions, practical exercises to share with groups, and deepening/clarifying videos

This product gives helpful clips from numerous different facilitators around facilitating the three principles. From webinars and courses that expand and deeper ones understanding, to showing practical exercises to share with a group to draw out insights and learning, different practitioners giving real like one to one's with clients, using visual metaphors to show the insight out nature of life.

A selection of different practical exercise to share with groups

One to ones with clients

Explanation of using the paradigm diagram to help draw out insights

Examples of using the diagram to dissolve specific issues

Deepening clips to expand our understanding of the principles

Uniting the 'spiritual' with the 'logic' of the three principles paradigm

This resource is in 25 videos filmed over the last three years with different facilitators.

Your Instructor

Numerous Principle based facilitators
Numerous Principle based facilitators

This resource has many different facilitators including Rudi and Jules Kennard, Ann Ross, Keith Blevens, Valda Monroe, Jamie Smart and Dicken Bettinger.

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