Facilitating the Formless

Everything you need to know about teaching the three principles to different groups and populations!

This resources looks specifically at sharing the three principles to different populations, giving the advice, suggestions and wisdom of long term facilitators who have worked within these fields. This video series includes the downloadable audio and specifically looks at sharing to:

Business leaders

Coaches and health professionals




Different Cultures

Low income communities

This 20 part video series is Broken down into four main modules, and gives an overview then answers specific questions about sharing the three principles to different populations and groups


Dicken and Rudi gives an overview of what it mean to them to be a facilitator, and the flow of being in service to others rather than ‘teaching’ the three principles. They respond to may questions like:

How do you ‘package’ the principles to fit different populations?

How do you break through some peoples scepticism and lack of interest?

How do you market yourself?

What do you teach and why?


Dicken and Rudi have spoken to many different leaders, teams and business communities from the Charity MIND and the National Health Service (Rudi) to a multibillion Dollar industries like BAE systems (Dicken). Rudi and Dicken answer questions and share their experience including:

How do you get into business?

What do you call yourself?

How much time do you need with a leadership team?

What do you teach and why?

What sized groups would you facilitate?

How much would you charge?


Ex head teacher Peter Anderson and school teacher and daughter Catherine Kennard share their experience of talking to head and deputy head teachers, parents, school children and being parents. They respond to many questions including:

How do you ‘pitch’ to schools?

What teaching props do you use?

How do you package the principles for schools?

How do you share the principles with your children?

How do you talk to children and teenagers?

Different Cultures

Jenny Anderson and Dave Elleray have worked in many communities from earthquake survivors in Nepal to people in townships in South Africa. They have managed to bring communality to, on the surface, very ethnically diverse people and share the principles to many populations from Hindu’s to Buddhists.

This course was filmed over a ten hour period and edited down to the most helpful parts and split into 20 separate videos all highlighting different points.

Your Instructor

Three Principles facilitators
Three Principles facilitators

Dr Dicken Bettinger, Rudi Kennard, Peter Anderson, Dave Elleray, Catherine Kennard and Jenny Anderson present on this 20 part video series about facilitating the formless. All the facilitators have been around the Principles for many years and have had a lot of practical experience of talking to different populations.

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