The spiritual logic of the three principles

The space of infinite potential

This course looks at a 'transcendental logic' an understanding that bridges the apparent polarities of the 'formless and form' or the spiritual and psychological, to one unified understanding that is completely impersonal but works through the personal.

This training goes beyond a lot of the good ideas, beliefs and dogmas that are 'made up' about the three principles, to an unconditional acceptance of what is.

Everything we seek, serenity, peace, wisdom, and connection, are the backdrop of a deeper order of feelings beyond the personal (ego, sense of an 'I' or 'self') but can work through the personal. This course looks to the deeper order and realisations into the non-personal nature of life that has profound implications of helping or resolving a lot of personal suffering, as both are one.

Coping with human suffering

Collapsing self judgement

Unconditional love

Dealing with difficult people

The three principles and nature

The psychological immune system

Letting go of the past

Collapsing fear of the future

Peace in the moment regardless of whats happening

The space of infinite potential

Explaining the paradigm diagram

How to 'work' with the paradigm diagram

What is 'truth'

This training was recorded in June 2017 from an 'Innate Wellbeing' retreat with Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson. The retreat was four full days long, and this course was edited down to the most impactful parts to create this resource.

Total run time 327 minutes (5 Hrs 45 minutes) in 21 parts

Your Instructor

Rudi and Jenny
Rudi and Jenny

Rudi and Jenny are creators of the '', 'innate evolution' and 'innate wellbeing' websites and businesses. They were together up until 2016 and now enjoy a creative and supportive business relationship and friendship.

In 2004 they both learnt from the originator Sydney Banks and the pioneers Dr Roger Mills and have since then travelled the world sharing the three principles and running facilitator trainings.

Rudi originally trained and became a teacher of many mind technologies like NLP, hypnosis, Chi Gung and mindfulness, and apart from sharing the three principles internationally he is a writer and movie maker

When Jenny first came across the principles she underwent a dramatic personal shift which inspired her to make sharing the understanding her life work.

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