Realising Potential conference Weekend and weekday recordings

Weekend and weekday recordings

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"This experience is truly my next step back to me, and allowing a deeper essence to guide me. Thank you deeply, I saw so much!"


The Realizing Potential Online conference literally woke me up to life again. Already the first day I fell right back into love and understanding as if I had been there all my life. Very profound, very grounding and after this four days i feel LIFTED! If you´re reading this, I urge you to join, listen in and let awareness give you yourself back

Morton Hake

This product gives you full access (weekend and weekday) access to the entire 2018 Realising Potential on-line conference

Want to access more potential? Whether thats changing your job to something you dream of doing, re-creating your life to a life you feel you were born to live, or just accessing more resilience and clarity of mind increasing your potential as parents, in relationships, within your business or to be an inspiration to others.

The on-line conference recordings practically helps you do all the above! Join bestselling authors and experts in the field of human potential as we all go on a journey of self discovery uncovering our inner genius that empowers our actions and re-creates our lives in line with a deeper order of potential for ourselves and others.

Specifically looking at human potential within:

Personal productivity


Sporting Performance


Self fulfilment

Creativity and inspiration


Mental and physical wellbeing

Youth and education

Personal transformation

Global change

Coaching others


The solution to burnout

Consciousness expansion

Creative expression

Your Instructor

Realising Potential Facilitators
Realising Potential Facilitators

The weekend and the midweek realising potential on-line conference had 32 different principle based speakers, from all age groups and countries, all talking about human potential

"4 days of a wonderful sense of peace, new thinking, and realising my true potential."


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"I have loved every moment of this conference. I had been looking forward to attending for a while and it has completely surpassed my expectations. It's so apparent in the structure that a tremendous amount of care, consideration and hard work has gone into putting this together. Thanks so much Rudi, Sara and everyone who made this an amazing and memorable experience for us all."


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