04. Finding calm within the storm: The resilience paradigm

'T'he resilience paradigm: With Joe Bailey, Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson

This training would be suitable for new people and advanced people as the training was explained for beginners then went into more depth about the nature of the human experience

This course specifically focuses on life 'hard knocks' and looks at how we can navigate life with more ease no matter what life is throwing at us! A must for anyone wanting to find more peace of mind and wellbeing despite the circumstance.

Over 500 minutes of professionally filmed footage taken from a four day training. Co-presented with Joe Bailey, Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson.

Filmed in 2017 this event was particularly impactful because it was themed around resilience. Co-presenters Jenny and Rudi had recently divorced and talk honestly and openly about their own human experience of such a monumental life change, and put this real life event into the content of the nature of how we mentally/emotionally work

Joe talks about his work with alcoholism, recovering addicts and Rudi talks about a traumatic past and again how all these hold up against the single paradigm of human experience and the freedom and perspective this logic offers no matter what the circumstance or past event.

Topics Include

What are the three principles taught as a paradigm?

Getting past the past

Resilience no matter what the circumstance

The true nature of love and the impersonal

The 100% nature off human experience

Working with earthquake survivors

Working with recovering addicts


The implications of a resilience paradigm

Trauma: Thought carried through time

Clarity on the paradigm

Clarity on Inside out and outside in

Thought as spiritual power

Filmed from three camera angles with professional audio and visuals.

Your Instructor

Joe, Rudi and Jenny
Joe, Rudi and Jenny

Joe Bailey is a licensed psychologist and author of many best selling books including 'slowing down to the speed of life' with Dr Richard Carlson. Joe has appeared on many network news channels talking about human resilience and is an international facilitator.

Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson came across the understanding 13 years ago and now train facilitators in the three principles paradigm. They also trained with the originator Sydney Banks and have had the honour of working in numerous settings in over a dozen countries from jails and schools to sharing with disaster victims and corporate executives.

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